Manjit Jhita Producer and Director
Manjit Jhita

Manjit Jhita- An Executive Producer/Director from Heart

We are leading a lifestyle which is full of anxiety and discontentment. We all have urge to be entertained in some way, more you feel relaxed, more you feel energetic and rejuvenate. Just remember those days when you entertain yourself with stories told by our grandparents. We wished to listen them endlessly but technology changed and we got TV to entertain ourselves. We been watching movies from times and now at the peak technology’s changed everything. The demand of people from entertainment industry has been changed too. Now internet induces the prime change in entertainment industry. There were the times when around four men needed to operate the camera but now only one for HD cameras.  We have numerous people in the world of entertainment who are entertaining us over the years.

Manjit Jhita is the renowned name in the entertainment industry.  He has been involved in entertainment industry from 27 years in animation and live-action project for Television, Video Games and Film.


EMP (Entertaining Media Productions) has been founded by Manjit Jhita. He is a writer/producer and Director. His work speaks for his capabilities to take a script to screen by using the latest technology for entertainment, storytelling with VG, performance capture stage, animation and live action. Some of his unforgettable work is Who Framed Roger Rabbit (1988), When the wind Blows (1986) and Enter the Matrix (2003)

Manjit Jhita is a member of BAFTA : British Academy of Film and Television Arts. Jhita has set a bench mark in leadership skills as a Director and Producer at a creative and executive level. Ample leadership skills has been shown as an executive by Manjit in handling and negotiating budgets, hired teams and delivered content. He believes in delivering quality work. 3 DCG, 2D Animated movies produce and directed by Manjit Jhita speaks their success by their own.

Entertainment Industry

Entertaining Media Productions provides the latest state of art equipment and software to deliver the highest quality of Director and production services to its clients.

Manjit has directed multiple projects simultaneously with teams in three different continents. A much talented person with uttermost knowledge of entertainment industry also create content for high end digital media film, games, broadcast and social platforms.

Manjit is a marvelous director of animated movies, T.V Commercials, Feature Film, TV Series, Video Games Cinematic s, Motion Comics and have created memorable storytelling sequences.


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