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Batman V Superman

I really enjoyed this movie. A darker tale of heroes and the burning question raised in the Watchmen… who watches or polices the c. It’s not a film for everyone, if you are an Avengers fan then you probably won’t like it, as I was told by many Avengers fans. For me however the Avengers movies, Iron Man and Captain America movies all have one thing in common, they are all the same movie and nothing distinguishes them or sets them apart from each other. Going back to BvS I gotta say Wonder Woman was fantastic!

Batman V Superman by Manjit Jhita

Now that Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice has all but concluded its box office run, attention has turned to the impending home media release. Warner Bros. will make the film available on Digital HD starting June 28, before the physical Blu-ray hits retailers on July 19. The biggest selling point for it is the existence of the infamous R-rated “Ultimate Edition,” which adds roughly 30 minutes to the run time and ideally provides clarity on some of the film’s more muddled elements and subplots. The studio has been pushing the extended version since Batman V Superman first opened in theaters, so they’re obviously hoping it can improve the movie’s poor reputation.

Recently, Dawn of Justice cinematographer Larry Fong seemed to dash those dreams, taking to Twitter to suggest that the Ultimate Edition wouldn’t change any minds about the final product. But after another viewing of the film, Fong is convinced that even those who disliked the theatrical cut will find something to enjoy. Manjit Jhita has shared this information on his website.


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Top Greatest Animators Of All Time

Manjit Jhita shared a list and PPT of Best animators of all time who had done some great work in the past and keep doing in present.

  • Walt Disney
  • Hayao Miyazaki
  • Matt Groening
  • John Lasseter
  • Manjit Jhita
  • Will Hanna
  • Genndy Tartakovsky
Animated Movie Makers, Animation, Best Animated Films, Manjit Jhita

Lead Character Animator for Sacrifice

I have been animating since 1986 on projects, which ranged from feature film production to television series and of course commercials for various companies. Some of the film companies I have worked for are: TVC London, Walt Disney-UK, and Manga studios. The game development companies I have worked for are: Argonaut software, Psygnosis, and now SHINY Entertainment. I am a traditional hand drawn animator and made the transition to 3D-computer animation in 1989 when I joined a company called Digital Pictures in London.

Lead Character Animator Manjit Jhita

I undertook the task of creating character animations using there propriety software-DIGIPIX, I may have been the first in the country to do lip-sync and full character animation on computer. Since then I undertook traditional animation projects and 3D animation projects. At Manga I was Supervising Animator/Assistant Director, producing 3D and traditional animation: also, while at Manga Manjit Jhita was the first person in the UK to simulate cloth animation for a BBC title sequence using Wavefront Dynamation software.


Different Types Of Animation
Animation, Manjit Jhita

Different Types Of Animation

Entertainment comes from the creative, smart people that will be displayed through various varieties of media. Let’s look into the types of cartoons animation.

Mickey Mouse, Donald Sweet, The Simpsons – those cartoons are popular images by children and people. All these cartoon heroes are the creation of wonderful art of movement that fascinates the attention and make our the child years packed with fun. How are these cartoons on television set or the Internet? Arrive see…

Basic animation is a keyframe, easy and simple. The animation is a presentation of various views and movements, which adds life to your website or a movie. Internet users tend to be fond of surfing a Web site that is well equipped with good graphics. A web designer can not design the site with no implementation of the basic animation, due to the advantages in the market on the Internet. In simple terms, the basic animation is the impression of various movements linked along within an appropriate way for visitors / audiences get to see the effect of the well harmonized set of actions.

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In general, the art is beautiful animation created with the Java language. Intended for example: If you need to show a bouncing ball, you have to take the ball from different positions in several shapes, or “pictures” because they are called. In the first picture, you can see the ball on the ground in the second frame, the ball slightly above walk away, the third shows the ball 2 to 3 feet above the floor, the fourth one will come a bit ball and so on until finally the ball is in the grass. These drawings are made with the help of scanning equipment, software, complementing sound effects, time management and taken pictures with a camera. In the final result, you can find a similar animation to live action for a child to bounce the ball up and down in the grass.

Three basic types of Animation

The basic types of animation are the key sign of animation result. Three basic types are cel animation, stop movement, and computer animation.

Cel Movement

Cel animation relates to the conventional way of animating several hand paintings. In the process of animation, different images are made, which is slightly different, however the progressive nature that illustrate certain actions. Search for the designs on a transparent sheet. This translucent sheet is recognized as the cellular and is just one way of stretching. Right now, draw the outlines for photographs and the colors on the back of CEL. The CEL is an efficient technique that helps you to save time by combining styles and origins. You can also define the prior drawings on other experience or cels as needed. Here you do not have the same picture again, because it has the capacity to save previous animations which you can use when necessary. Coloring and a background can be a task more difficult than a single sketching, as it covers the complete image. Context requires light and shadow and will be observed in a long time. Then use your camera to photograph these drawings.

Stop Animation

Give up motion animation is a method to make objects proceed their own. Here, some images are drawn in several positions and photographed independently. Puppetry is one of a kind widely used image animation of the. A lot of famous movies that are animated by the consequence of Sovereign Kong stop motion is the dinosaur and the missing link, The Bane of the vegetables and The Lost World.

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Computer system Animation

Computer animation is the latest animation techniques including 2D and computer animation 3d software. These activities not only increase the design of the characters, but also make it seem to be real in relation to these activities.

2D Animation: Employed by PowerPoint and Flash animations. Though its features resemble cel animation, 2D animation has became popular due to simple application drawings scanned in the computer as an cartoon film.

Types Of Animation

3D Animation: That is employed in the film, where we need uncommon objects or characters that are not easy to show. Using 3D animations to make a group of men and women in a tragedy like earthquake, flood or warfare. There are different kinds of aid of mathematical unique codes, the display of activities and colors that are striking when it is copied from an actual photo.

The above three basic types of animation have helped bring a new era of extraordinary technology of the Internet (web-site design and graphics), film and press. In addition, the movement is one of the extremely popular Internet marketing strategies that will keep visitors on your site longer.

Today, the cel animation is made more desirable by using drawings, combined with the music, appear effects matching and the association of time of each and every effect. What, for example, cartoon, 10-12 frames every second are played in rapid succession, giving rendering of cel animation activity.

Animated Movies
Best Animated Films, Manjit Jhita

Is 2016 the Best Year for Animation Ever

Manjit Jhita said 2016 the greatest year ever for animated movies? It’s entirely possible. A record 27 animated features were submitted for consideration for the 89th Academy Awards, and competition is tight at the Annie Awards, an annual ceremony celebrating animation.

Zootopia Movie

The bigger studios had several strong movies making for stiff competition on Oscar night. Zootopia, Moana, Kubo and the Two Strings, Sing, and Finding Dory of course gained a lot of attention as films from their respective studios do. But beyond the critical darlings, there were several releases from the major studios that could have been award contenders in other years, like Kung Fu Panda 3, Trolls, and The Secret Life of Pets. While Angry Birds didn’t impress critic circles, it still made nearly $350 million at the box office and will receive a sequel.

My Life as a Zucchini and its Golden Globe


The U.S. wasn’t the only nation offering great animation, as several foreign films have garnered acclaim. My Life as a Zucchini was a surprise Golden Globe nominee to many, Your Name has found itself considered a dark-horse Oscar contender, and Long Way North and April and the Extraordinary World were the recipients of praise as well.

The Little Prince

Many films also took the art form in interesting directions. The Little Prince, adapted from the beloved book, used multiple animation techniques, The Red Turtle had no dialogue, Miss Hokusai was a biopic, and, of course, Sausage Party made the best case for adult-themed cartoons since South Park: Bigger, Longer, and Uncut.

The Jungle Book
One can’t discount films that made use of animation, even if they weren’t animated films in the traditional sense — most of The Jungle Book was animation. Tower and Life, Animated were two documentaries that utilized it to great effect.

Of course, this isn’t the only year to have more than one standout. 2009 had Coraline, Fantastic Mr. Fox, Up, and The Princess and the Frog. 2001 debuted Monsters, Inc., Shrek, Spirited Away, and Jimmy Neutron. 1999 showcased Toy Story 2, The Iron Giant, and the aforementioned South Park: Bigger, Longer, and Uncut.

Still, those years don’t capture the vastness of this year’s field. 2016 is the best year for animation ever until maybe next year.

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Best Disney Animated, Manjit Jhita

The 5 Best Disney Animated Features

You are able to either see it as a sign of increasing creative bankruptcy, is actually not totally clear what else there is certainly to see it as. Although if the new versions can be as good as or (hopefully) better still than Favreau and Branagh’s renditions (and Disney’s trend toward hiring honored independent directors as copy writers is unquestionably an interesting unanticipated twist), perhaps we’ll be forced to eat our words.

But if our company is a little wary of this live-action, CG-infused future, it’s because we have so much love for numerous 2D, often hand-drawn animations that Disney are now revisiting. So to mark the release of “The Jungle Book” and remind you just how great original units of so many of these soon-to-be-remade stories are, here’s manjit jhita sharing personal ranking of the top 5 Disney animations of all time.

We understand discover little that raises equipment among cine-literate adults more than a listing of kids/family films (here’s our Miyazaki feature and our Pixar feature for comparison), and there are certainly some inclusions and exeptions that are likely to raise hackles. But please believe we’re not seeking to “destroy” any “childhoods” here. This is merely to celebrate what we imagine are, without regard to nostalgia, the best good examples of Disney’s signature genre and justify the plus of joy-tears shed during the research with this feature.

1. The Little Mermaid (1989)


The Little Mermaid

It’s a somewhat predictable take on the Disney princess formula, a straightforward romance between pretty mermaid Ariel (Jodi Benson) and handsome sailor prince Eric (Christopher Daniel Barnes) which is only given dramatic stakes by the intervention of Ursula (in fairness, an excellent villain voiced by Pat Carroll) and her dastardly plot to wrest dominion over the underwater realm from Ariel’s dad Triton (Kenneth Mars, the Nazi playwright in “The Producers“!). Where later, more sophisticated stories from Disney’s second Golden Age would make their heroines’ psychologies a bit more complex, the 16-year-old Ariel has few qualms about leaving her home, friends and family forever for love, which strikes a slightly discordant note in an otherwise sweet and harmonious confection.

2. Winnie the Pooh (2011)

As adults (albeit in various stages of arrested development), we’re in danger of including picks that work better for the grown-up audience than for kids, especially very young children. The stories remain slight and sweet and faithful to AA Milne‘s originals, but under Stephen J. Anderson and Don Hall’s direction, and populated with a wonderful voice cast including Jim Cummings, Travis Oates, Bud Luckey, Kristen Anderson-Lopez and Craig Ferguson, they engage in a way that both evokes and transcends the printed page. Essentially, they put a new-fangled, metatextual sensibility at work to promote the most old fashioned of values: that reading is cool, kids!

Winnie the Pooh

3. The Emperor’s New Groove (2000)

The disappointments of “The Hunchback of Notre Dame” and “Hercules” had convinced executives that the formula perfected with “Aladdin” and co. was tired, while former head Jeffrey Katzenberg had set up rival Dreamworks, and Disney’s own Pixar was demonstrating an increasing appetite for CGI animation among audiences.


4. Bolt (2008)

Disney’s current creative and commercial renaissance didn’t begin with current megahit “Zootopia” or its billion-dollar Oscar-winning predecessor “Frozen” but with 2008’s “Bolt” Overlooked by those who confused it with Disney’s lackluster early CGI fare like “Chicken Little” the film was the first released after John Lasseter took creative control over the parent studio as well as Pixar, and it shows: far more so than most of the subsequent films, this has a blend of spectacle, thrills, gags and heart that puts it on the top tier.


5. Aladdin (1992)

These days, every A-list star at some point gets the phone call to voice an animated character (or, if you’re Seth Rogen, you get twelve phone calls). It wasn’t entirely new at the time —think of classic Disney’s use of Peggy Lee or Louis Prima, among others— but most of it can be traced back to Robin Williams’ movie-stealing turn in “Aladdin” which helped to make the movie a far bigger hit than “Beauty And The Beast” and “The Little Mermaid” the two earlier movies in the Disney renaissance.


Reteaming the “Little Mermaid” duo of John Musker and Ron Clements the film’s based on the classic Arabian Nights tale of the title character (Scott Weinger), a street kid tricked into retrieving a magic lamp and who finds his fortunes transformed as a result of the genie residing therein.


Most Famous Anime Movies
Best Animated Films, Manjit Jhita

Top Most Famous Anime Movies

Both the big names who placed the typical for Anime tale telling and quality cartoon are director Hayao Miyazaki of the Studio Ghibli. Their fantasy anime move, “Howl’s Moving Castle” acquired theatrical distribution North America. Influencial anime director Katushiro Otomo made a huge go back to the big display screen with “Steam boy, inch since his great Cartoons classic, “Akira. ” Those two films were nominated for the 78th Academy Honours. The sequel of one of the very famous anime videos ever “Ghost in the Shell: Innocence” has recently been released on the DIGITAL VIDEO DISC. “Appleseed” was a fllm adaptation of the movie “Ghost in the Shell” but it was only given limited theatrical release. All of these motion pictures hit with success in the United States. Cartoons films that had a good run in Nippon are “Full Metal Alchemist” and the highly predicted “Final Fantasy VII: Introduction Children film. “

Disney and Anime’s Impact in Entertainment

Disney and Anime's Impact in Entertainment

Disney’s Beauty and the Beast is (at the date of this publication) the only living movie that has recently been nominated for the Oscar Awards Best Picture category. An Anime film called, “Spirited Away, ” earned the Oscar award for Best Animated Feature Film.

“Howl’s Moving Castle” and “Spirited Away”

“Howl’s Going Castle, ” and “Spirited Away” are movies by director Hayao Miyazaki of Studio Ghibli. The two of these movies feature magic and imagination with beautiful animation. That said, these are two completely different films.

Howl's Moving Castle
Spirited Aside is a tale of a girl who will be learning to take on the tasks of an adult who begins to ease up as when a curse is put on her with a witch that turns her to a lady aged eighty years. She leaves the life of a mad hatter and starts living with a wizard Howl outside the house which the war has been settled. And so the deal with starts threatening her new home. Hence she with the Howl must find the way not only to lift the curses, but to take the peacefulness between the two countries.

Howl’s Moving Castle has a strong heroine, amazing supporting characters and wonderful visuals. Howl’s Moving Fort will definitely gain higher popularity and a bigger following launched released on the DVD. It will give the people who missed to see it an opportunity to see it.

Heavy steam Boy

Steam boy is like a typical summer time blockbuster movie that is jam-packed with the action. The latest in a type of inventors is the Beam Steam who lives in England which is the key power source of heavy steam. His grandfather has delivered from the expedition in America where he with Ray’s father invented a brand new kind of ‘steam ball, ‘ which is a tiny device which contains the highly pressurized steam. Vapor boy is not as dark as the apocalyptic movie Akira. In reality it is like an exciting children’s movie that has almost continual explosions with the debates on nature of science.

Heavy steam Boy

The Future of Anime

Cartoons continues to push the envelope in creative, revolutionary, animation. While economical alterations, bootlegging, and other difficulties, may change how cartoons is produced and allocated, and could involve an increased push towards lucrative spin-off products, including Anime computer games, anime collectors’ items, anime’s influence and pursuing around the world is increasing. Anime is here to stay.

Manjit Jhita is a cinematic and animation Director. He worked on many projects and devoted to the anime world. For more you can follow is : Manjit Jhita (@manjitjhita0)

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